This blog addresses the point where law intersects with current and future technology, namely online agreements, smart contracts, blockchain, coins, tokens, ICOs, digital signatures, encryption and other aspects of technology which come into contact with the legal realm.  It also addresses business and corporate legal issues to lay the groundwork for an understanding of how technology plays into the marketplace.  High-tech startups (software/hardware), emerging companies, investors and others may find the information on this blog useful, whether they are starting their first venture, about to sell (“exit”) their current venture, invest in another’s venture, or simply to research some applicable issues.

The author is a New York corporate and business attorney, who represents business clients in a wide variety of corporate transactional matters, specifically startup companies with respect to formation, financing, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property matters. He also counsels established business clients on a wide variety of issues, including securities, complex commercial transactions, real estate, strategic planning, business restructuring, and general corporate counseling.

The opinions and information provided herein are entirely those of the author (except where explicitly noted otherwise), is not legal advice.

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